So you want to go completely untraditional for your wedding

If sleek and sexy was what Debby was going for, then she nailed it! We loved her sultry lace look and if you did too, we think you’ll love this illusion lace look from Atria. Chloe made a bold move wearing orange on the orange carpet and it so worked for her!

A-line Straps Satin Sweep Train Flower(s) Wedding Dresses

The church we were married in is the same one my grandparents were married in and the church that has been in my family for many generations. We loved the tradition and history of choosing this church. Our reception venue was the original woman’s league in Ann Arbor; built in the 1800’s- it was once a rich doctor’s home and they’ve refurbished it and added a ballroom to the building.

The bride wore a Stella York gown, which gave her the dreamy look she was hoping for column wedding dresses. Cheers to the happy couple! From the bride: Like any bride, one of the first things you do in the wedding planning process is shop for ‘the dress’.

A-line White Satin Crystal Brooch V-neck Backless Wedding Dress

It was at our favorite beach in Laguna Beach where we both told each other our true feelings. Fast forward three more years and we were at that same beach, sitting on a white sheet with rose petals, when my husband proposed to me. Our engagement lasted a year.

From the bride: Matt proposed to me by taking me on a trip to San Francisco for some “business meetings. ” When I arrived, he was waiting for me in the live butterfly exhibit in the conservatory of flowers. I love butterflies and seeing Matt go down on one knee surrounded by butterflies was a dream come true!

In a day full of tradition, Stella York bride, Melissa, and her husband tied the knot at their alma mater, Notre Dame surrounded by the buildings and scenery they grew to love – and are full of memories. Melissa looked radiant in her Stella York wedding dress, and was perfectly complemented by their navy and gold color palette.


Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s got a new look – but it doesn’t have many fans

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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has been making some changes to her appearance during the past few months, with the most recent change being to her hair — and there’s a very noticeable difference.

Taking to Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Lowry uploaded a photo of herself with dreadlocks. She didn’t offer much information about how she came about her new look, instead opting to leave the caption blank. However, there has been an overwhelming reaction to the post and fans don’t seem to be very impressed.

Comments on the post include one from cgracexo, who wrote, “Uhhhh…… Wtf. Her hair was so pretty before….”

“You are very pretty, but this does not look good on you!” summy_29 wrote. And krista0814 agreed, writing, “You’re such a beautiful girl with beautiful hair. Please take those out!”

“Why?? You have beautiful hair!” brittmaki asked Lowry. “Now it’s going to have so much breakage. I hope this is just a snap chat [sic] filter.”

However, some followers feel that Lowry should not be sporting dreadlocks for an entirely different reason, and she has been slammed for cultural misappropriation. Among the comments is one from ryoothmars, who wrote, “@kaillowry so you saw black girls doing something and just couldn’t let us have it huh.”

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, is it really necessary to share it if you simply do not like the way that someone looks? Yes, Lowry is a public figure and, yes, she chose to share the snap via social media, which invites people to comment and share their reactions. But just because she is in the public eye does that mean that we have to state our opinions on her hair?

It’s something that people tend to forget, but celebrities have feelings, too. She is still a person, and just because she chooses to live her life in the public eye doesn’t mean she chooses to receive unfair, negative comments.

The ‘ideal beauty’ model photo proves we have a long way to go

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What do you think is beautiful? So much of the answer to that question depends on how we grew up and what we were exposed to as children.

Canva is a design firm and they took a look at faces in various advertisements and constructed a vision of “ideal beauty” for ads. How it works: These are 10 faces frequently featured in campaigns. Put together, they equal this:

So this is beauty, eh? And they didn’t stop with beauty alone. They also looked at car ads and clothing ads and electronic ads, and what they found is that “beauty” really just means uniform. And Caucasian. According to Canva:

“Aesthetics is a major component of advertising (probably the most crucial element of all ads across all forms of media, aside from those obnoxious jingles you hear on the radio), and brand models comprehensively represent the companies in a very important way. When you look at the face of a specific brand, you want to think to yourself, ‘I trust that person. I like that person. That person is like me, and I want to buy whatever it is that they are so gosh darn enthusiastic about.’”

Sometimes we can look at pop culture and movies and advertisements and think we are getting more diversity in skin color and body shapes, but then we see something like this and realize how far we still have to go. Trustworthy still means white in many places. This campaign is so important in terms of changing not only beauty “norms,” but also in terms of how we view our fellow citizens. Do we automatically trust only people who look like us? And if so: How can we change that so we have a more inclusive society? In the end, that is really good for all of us.

The Vanderpump Rules cast members beat the love triangle to death

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If viewers learned anything from Part 1 of Vanderpump Rules’ Season 4 reunion, it’s that absolutely nothing has changed between the SUR employees. They just can’t help but rehash things over and over and over again.

Yes, a reunion is to talk about things that happened throughout the season, but when the conversation turns to the whole Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute triangle, well, then you know you’re going backward rather than forward.

Seriously, are they still talking about this? How long have Ariana and Sandoval been together? How long has Kristen been moving on from her former relationship with Sandoval? I mean, really, how much longer can these three talk about something that shouldn’t even need discussing?

I think it’s safe to say that Ariana and Sandoval are so over the conversation, but I’m not so sure about Kristen. When it comes to Kristen, it’s hard to tell what she has up her sleeve. Host Andy Cohen steered the reunion to, as Ariana calls it, Kristen’s “apology tour” and when Kristen “marched” into SUR to deliver an apology to Ariana’s face.

Clearly, Ariana still doesn’t believe Kristen is sorry and even said she thinks Kristen only did that to weasel her way into the Hawaii trip (which didn’t happen). Ariana also mentioned that she is currently being “cordial” to Kristen as a favor to her friends, but she still despises Kristen. And by “cordial,” I mean Ariana can be in the same room as Kristen but won’t speak to her.

Of course, this all led to how Kristen felt when Sandoval had an “emotional affair” and kissed Ariana while they were dating. Then, that time Kristen and Jax Taylor had sex while she was with Sandoval came up. Why is this still a topic of conversation? They all need to put it behind them and move on for good from here on out.

Sandoval admitted to Andy that he “is at peace with Kristen,” but when the past is brought up he gets heated and emotional about it all over again. I mean, I can’t blame him, because that was a stressful time. That said, here’s hoping this is the last time viewers will ever have to hear a discussion about their love triangle that isn’t even a love triangle anymore. It’s not like those were the good old days or anything.

Every time anything from the above is mentioned, Ariana and Sandoval look like they just want to run away. As for Kristen, well, it’s like she welcomes the drama and making the two miserable by having them relive those horrible days of when there was even more tension and hate between the three. Kristen says she’s trying to make everything better and become the bigger person, but I’m still not convinced.

Let’s just have everyone cross their fingers that Part 2 of the reunion doesn’t consist of events that happened way back in the day. These SUR servers really need to learn how to move forward during reunions.

Scandal’s Olivia Pope is supposedly a Republican, but it makes no sense

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I knew that Fitz was a Republican president. It’s been mentioned a fair few times on Scandal at this point. But one of the great things about Scandal is that the show has managed to do politics without really bringing in party lines too much. It’s never really mattered.

Until now.

With Fitz about to step down in his presidency and a new candidate about to rise, it is becoming more and more strikingly clear that all of these characters I’ve gotten to know and love are Republicans.

Let me make this clear before I go any further in this article: Though I identify as a Democrat because of my social politics, I have absolutely nothing against Republicans.

But that doesn’t mean I understand how Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) could possibly be a Republican given everything we’ve learned about her history on the show.

She’s never come out and said, “I am a Republican and I vote for Republicans,” but the fact that she’s been working on Fitz’s campaign since the beginning suggests that she has identified as a conservative for a long while.

And it makes no sense.

She can’t possibly be a Republican.

First of all, let’s discuss her social politics. They’re as liberal as liberal gets. She isn’t against gay marriage. In fact, she has fully and completely supported Cyrus’ decisions with regard to his personal life and family throughout the entirety of the show.

She’s clearly pro-choice, since she herself had an abortion not too long ago without giving it much of a second thought; a fact which made me applaud the show wholeheartedly.

Olivia is not religious.

Olivia supports the lower class, and though she hasn’t directly said it, I can’t imagine she wouldn’t be all for supporting tax cuts for the lower class and a higher minimum wage throughout the country. Don’t even get me started on education. Mellie is making funding for education a platform of her campaign, but traditionally, Republicans favor more student loans and funding coming from the private sector rather than directly from the government.

And again, though she hasn’t made her stance clear on the environment, there’s no way she’s a fan of offshore drilling. She’s too progressive not to support environmental efforts. I could definitely see Olivia driving a Prius and encouraging Fitz to look at alternative energy options. She would be thinking long term on this one and not what would cut costs for consumers in the short term.

Maybe it’s just because I want to see Olivia in myself or maybe show creator Shonda Rhimes is trying to send the message that there aren’t as many differences between Democrats and Republicans as we all like to believe; either way, I’m calling foul on this one.

There is no way Olivia is a Republican.

Her social politics alone rule out the fact that she would ever support Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich if this was real life. Let’s not even bring Donald Trump into this discussion. There’s clearly no debate about that one.

The perfect prom dress can speak a thousand words

Many stunning prom gowns are featured on sexy designs such as open back, low cut, and front slit. In 2016, sexy prom gowns go with the fashion trend and create their own innovative products. In this article, let’s introduce some sexy prom dresses from dress shops.

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Karl Lagerfeld has with the air providing colorful tweeds, overalls, plane-print training suits, Aviator sunglasses and a variety of new luggage for the modern world rice at the departure gate no 5 by Chanel Airlines (his mega catwalk theme this season). So far, so Chanel.

Vivienne Westwood delved into their rich archive to pull ideas such as oversized mannish jackets, about 1980, and sent her working fluid silky asymmetric dresses.

On the other hand, railed Alber Elbaz against the requirements which made Designer in the digital age, and his collection of Lanvin covered all aspects of the wardrobe, a buyer want to can, by a blusig cotton shirt and a strict skirt to cute prom dresses with prints of the cult brand accessories and the Lanvin perfume bottle.

Most prom dresses for Prom 2016


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It may seem like there are so many rules you need to follow in order to find the perfect dress – although there are styles that are more flattering on certain body types than others, what matters most is that you choose a dress that you absolutely love. Which ever style dress you do decide on, just make sure that you feel comfortable in it – after all, you’re going to be the one wearing it all night.

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Dressfashion cheap wedding dresses shopping can be an over-whelming task to handle, especially with school and extracurriculars taking up most of your time! It’s a lot to try and figure out! You’ve got to think about the style of dress you want and if that style will work for your shape. Then you’ve got to figure out where to find that perfect dress! Pause. Breathe. We’ve got good news! We’re happy to tell you that you can stop worrying about all of your prom dress stress, because has got you covered with hundreds of styles all at amazing prices!

With so many glam designs to choose from, you are sure to find the prom dress of your dreams in the collection. The collection is full of this season’s must-have trends like illusion detailing, two-piece looks, alluring geo-cutouts, and of course gorgeous florals! Shop from now for a dress and night to remember!

3 brands i need in my life: january 2016

Last year I started, and then embarrassingly quickly stopped, a would-be regular post entitled “3 Brand I Need In My Life”. I liked the idea a lot because, as much as I adore doing my “introducing” posts and going into a little more depth about one particular label, there are really a lot of labels I find out about, like a hell of a lot and want to share with you guys in some way. So I’m considering giving that another whack, but I’m still slightly undecided and would massively appreciate you letting me know your thoughts on the whole conundrum.

Anyway, let’s get going. It’s a new year, a new fashion season and there are so many things i want in my!! Recently I’ve found myself afflicted by the the age old “clothes clothes everywhere but not a thing to wear” dilemma. This got me thinking that my sartorial arsenal could perhaps do with a bit of a refresh. And what better way to do that than by exploring a few exciting new brands? Hence the whole do I restart that “3 Brands” feature conundrum…

As per usual, when I say “new” I don’t mean that I’ve discovered some totally under the radar talents nobody else has ever heard of. Some of these names are relatively new, some less so, but they are all labels that have got me seriously excited about the prospect of getting dressed in the morning and updating my wardrobe. So without further ado, let’s take this away…

You know my biker jacket obsession? The one that has resulted in me owning so many of ’em that they are currently covering my apartment, some unsuccessfully masquerading as wall art, inefficient curtains or small leather sofa adornments thus driving my cohabiters apoplectic with “why-is-your-stuff-always-everywhere!?” rage. Yep, that one. Well, The Nineteenth London has only served to fuel my biker jacket hoarding compulsion because they are So. Damn. Good… This softest lamb nappa and fur collars paired with salmon and perch skin in shades ranging from powder pink and purple to forest green. I pinched the amazing pink collared, houndstooth number for Paris Fashion Week SS16 and it was one of my favourite pieces I wore all season.

Some Feminist films to watch in theatres right now

It’s a great time to go to the movies in Canada — you’ll be treated to a handful of films that pass the feminist smell test.

1. Carol
Cate Blanchett is transfixing as Carol, a strong-minded woman who defies the conventional roles expected from a wife and mother in the wedding dresses at You feel like a fly on the wall in someone else’s life when you watch Carol seduce Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara), a young woman working in a department store over the holidays, with aspirations of being a great photographer. It’s hard to look at Mara and not be reminded of Audrey Hepburn, but her depiction of Belivet is wildly different from most of the female characters coming out of Hollywood. With her deadpan, monotone voice, Belivet cuts through social niceties, clumsily arriving at the truth of most situations. Carol, by contrast, cultivates a number of glamorous disguises and secrets. Watch the two drastically different women embark on a trip together that will radically change the course of both of their lives and reveal the quiet pain endured by many women who didn’t fit the mold in the ’50s.

2. The Danish Girl
Based on the tragic but inspiring true story of artist Einar Wegener (played by British actor Eddie Redmayne), The Danish Girl brings the experiences of the first-known transgender woman to undergo a sex reassignment surgery to the big screen. Remember Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything and how freaky his ability to transform himself into Hawking was, as he precisely mirrored his movements and expressions? Once again, Redmayne has proved he’s quite a chameleon, as his transformation into Wegener is incredibly powerful to watch. Redmayne will take you on a roller coaster of emotions as you watch Wegener try to adapt to life as transgender in a society that views the artist’s orientation as a sign of mental illness. And Alicia Vikander gives a compelling performance as well in her role as Gerda, Wegener’s wife and creative partner, a woman pulled between her desire to have her husband back and to do the right thing.

3. Joy
While it may be getting panned by critics, no one can argue that Joy, the latest film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, doesn’t have heart. Lawrence plays Joy, a woman trying to rise above her circumstances to prove she’s capable of being more than “just an unemployed housewife.” Joy has dreams of patenting her household inventions and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the process. And say what you will about Joy, but I’ll never pass up an opportunity to see actress Isabella Rossellini, who plays the wealthy girlfriend of Joy’s father (Robert De Niro) do anything.

Rossellini recently told The Sunday Times’ Style section that Joy is “a very feminist film.” She explained: “Every time we see a film about a woman who wants a career, invariably there must also be love. Or it’s the man, her Prince Charming, who helps her make it. I thought that it was very modern to show a woman solely focused on her career.”

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
When I went to see The Force Awakens recently at the theatre and strapped on my 3-D glasses, I was expecting to see expensive explosions, weird alien bar brawls and to hear the familiar growls of my old friend Chewbacca. But having gone in cold without reading the reviews, I was not expecting to see a feminist sci-fi film — which is exactly what it is. Daisy Ridley is a force to be reckoned with as Rey, a street-smart heroine who knows her way around a fuse box and has a knack for ensuring the survival of herself and those around her. And Carrie Fisher isn’t waiting around to be rescued in a gold bikini as Leia this time — instead you’ll find her calmly relaying orders and working to save lives.

5. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
And if you’re looking for a movie with a strong female lead that you can take your whole family to, be sure to catch Mockingjay Part 2. Part of what makes The Hunger Games a feminist series is that Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen isn’t boxed into any conventional gender roles. She’s free to lead rebel troops into bloody revolution, act as a caregiver, argue with authority, rock a fashionable dress and find true love. Because why shouldn’t she have it all?

All The Times Gigi Hadid Was The Queen Of Chic

She’s dated Joe Jonas, is BFFs with Kendall and Cara, and is officially a Victoria’s Secret angel. At only 20 years old, Gigi Hadid has taken over Hollywood and the fashion industry.

Born in LA, the daughter of Dutch model Yolanda Foster and Palestinian architect Mohamed wedding dresses, Gigi grew up in front of the camera as mother Yolanda appears on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Like her BFF Kendall, Gigi turned her reality beginnings into bonafide stardom with 8.6million followers on Instagram and a legion of fans wanting to know her every move.

Starting her modelling career in 2011, Gigi first broke onto the scene as a Guess girl, with her laidback style perfectly encapsulating the brand. With flowing blonde locks and a sun-kissed tan, the young model’s breeziness to dressing made a mark, leading her to land a spread in Sport’s Illustrated annual swimsuit issue in 2014.

With an invitation to join Taylor Swift’s squad, Gigi quickly moved up the style stakes with her chic approach to day wear – think skinny jeans, simple black tees and the requisite black shades.

As more and more campaigns and covers came Gigi’s way, she showed her model prowess, rocking double denim and plunging neck lines on the red carpet.